Our work is built on the principles of:

Confidence quantified.

Our Flood Risk Engine is the only technology in the market that fully quantifies uncertainty. 

We use Monte Carlo methods to consider data quality every step of the way, and leverage Artificial Intelligence to identify drivers of uncertainty–helping us collect the best data. We go further than the rest to give you results with confidence.

Data-driven flood mapping

We studied drivers of uncertainty and uncovered the gaps in traditional flood modelling. Our data-driven approach leverages the latest science in probabilistic storm surge calculations, which allows us to provide you with comprehensive flood maps efficiently.

Data Edge

High fidelity flood risk analysis requires accurate building-level data, because each structure responds differently to a flood. We’ve identified the most valuable building data and partnered with leading data providers to bring you scale.

Cost-Benefit Calculations

Solving flood risk is not inexpensive, but how much does it cost? We developed proprietary flood proofing estimates with the flood mitigation industry, and combined them with our Flood Risk Engine to calculate the cost-benefit, or Return On Investment (ROI). We believe knowing the ROI will help property owners to decide what flood proofing options works with their goals and risk tolerance.

Sea Level Rise Allowance

The issue with sea level rise is that nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen, which makes it hard to design resilience tactics such as building elevation. If you’re planning new construction or a retrofit that reduces flood risk, what elevation do you pick to account for storm surge and sea level rise? Our Sea Level Rise Allowance starts with your risk tolerance and gives you the finished floor elevation number you need to break ground.

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