Empowering Resilient Living

Make decisions with confidence. Our award winning AI- powered Risk Engine quantifies flood risk in dollars

More than a risk intelligence platform

To understand flood risk you need to know how much you could lose, and what it costs to do something about it. HighTide speaks the language that matters. Dollars.

Data alone isn’t enough. To invest in resilience, you need financing. HighTide’s data is streamlined for grant and loan applications.

Now it’s time to take action. HighTide works with the flood mitigation industry to bring you qualified contractors to protect your home.

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Our Offering

Vulnerability Assessment​

Mitigation Assessment

Mitigation Implementation

The One-Stop-Shop for Flood Resilience

Readily accessible flood risk data


Economic and socioeconomic analysis

Cost-benefit analysis

User friendly platform

Construction cost estimates of flood proofing and home elevating


Damage and budget estimates for federal assistance

Who We Are

We are a team of engineers, geophysicists, scholars, software developers, and sustainability experts. You could call us flood nerds. Our drive to solve one of the greatest problems of our generation, flooding, brought us together.

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If flood risk affects your City or property and the problem is too big to handle, choose HighTide to empower your community to take action and be your partner in flood mitigation. Get in touch with us today for a demo.
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