About Us

We are a team of engineers, geophysicists, scholars, software developers, and sustainability experts. You could call us flood nerds. Our drive to solve one of the greatest problems of our generation, flooding, brought us together.

15+ years
of experience in flood risk research
25+ years
of experience in flood mitigation
Diverse team
united by NonZero values

Meet Our Interns

HighTide welcomes 2022 summer interns! We are thrilled to have these bright young professionals on our team. Learn more about our interns, and projects they are working on.

Our Advisory Board

Meet our Advisory Board

  • Roderick Scott

    Roderick Scott

    Flood Mitigation Expert

  • Dr. Stephanie Smallegan

    Dr. Stephanie Smallegan

    Coastal Engineering Expert

  • Dr. D.J. Rasmussen

    Dr. D.J. Rasmussen

    Sea Level Rise & Policy Expert

  • Dr. Alex Miltenberger

    Dr. Alex Miltenberger

    Uncertainty Expert

  • Roy Sloane

    Roy Sloane

    Marketing Advisor

  • David McColl

    David McColl

    Echelon Capital

  • Kerri Faber

    Kerri Faber

    Echelon Capital

  • Arnav Mariwala

    Arnav Mariwala

    Early Cofounder

  • Ian Avery Bick

    Ian Avery Bick

    Early Cofounder