Our Offering

Welcome to our flood risk data ecosystem. We envision a world where solutions to flooding are easily accessible. Our non-zero sum approach allows us to create data bridges between stakeholders to lift all boats.

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AI-Powered Consulting

If your proposal or project involves flood risk, we can help you take it to the next level with our state-of-the-art analytics.

Deep expertise
We wrote the book on quantifying the economic and socioeconomic impacts of flooding on communities.
Uncertainty quantified
We implement cutting-edge uncertainty quantification techniques to fully understand flood risk and empower confident decisions.
User-friendly tools
We make large datasets easy to digest through our user-friendly platforms HighTide for Gov and Arkly (Coming Soon).

HighTide for Gov

Whether you work in resilience, planning, floodplain management, or emergency management, HighTide for Gov is the cost-effective flood risk data platform you need to scale your efforts.

Vulnerability Assessments
Ready to plug in with FDEP’s Resilient Florida vulnerability assessments as described by F.S. 380.093
Mitigation Assessments
Cost of mitigation and cost-benefit analysis in partnership with the Flood Mitigation Industry Association
Public Outreach and Engagement
Before you knock on every door, spread the word with property-level reports that can be shared online or printed.
CRS Points
Get flood insurance discounts for your community by racking up additional points from the Community Rating System.
Black kettle with long pour spot and angled body on marble counter next to coffee mug and pour-over system.

Arkly is Coming Soon!

Whether you own a home, you’re thinking about buying a home, or you’re a realtor, we want quality flood risk data and solutions to be one click away.

The world is changing quickly, but you still have options. Flood insurance is a good idea. If it’s too expensive, mitigating your risk with floodproofing or elevation could be an option. If neither work, maybe it’s time to move.

We’re working around the clock to help you make the decision that’s right for you.

Ready to get started?

We’re here to help you make data-driven decisions to protect your community or home from flooding. Get in touch for a free demo.