Storm surge and sea level rise in Tarpon Springs, Florida

If you’re working in Coastal Engineering And Management, sea level rise and storm surge is probably on your mind. We built HighTide to make it easy for your community to reduce its flood risk.

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The Challenge

Leverage HighTide’s data to build a cost-effective strategy to manage your community’s flood risk. Make it easy for property owners in your community to access flood maps and flood zones, understand the risk of storm damage, and take action.

“How can HighTide help Tarpon Springs, Florida?”

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About HighTide

HighTide is a data platform that offers property-level flood risk from storm surge and sea level rise, with built-in cost-benefit analysis. With HighTide, you can easily understand your community’s risk and identify high-value projects to mitigate flooding.

The beauty of HighTide is its sister platform, Arkly, which uses the same data to communicate flood risk and potential solutions to private property owners. This way, individuals in your community can be incentivized to buy flood insurance or invest in mitigation projects like elevating buildings.

Our flood risk engine has received from Stanford and Microsoft and is scientifically peer-reviewed. Read our publication in Earth’s Future.

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HighTide can help you build a strategy to cost-effectively manage your flood risk.